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Dispojekt Safety Needle

Hypodermic needles are staple medical devices used by healthcare professionals. Every day billions of hypodermic needles are used to deliver medications


Dispoway is a 3 way stop cock by HMD, which can be used to control the flow and direction of liquids. The 3-Way Stop Cock is quite popular in the….

Kojak Safety Box

HMD – Kojak Safety Box Given the rising cases of NSIs (Needle Stick Injuries), the importance of the safe disposal of medical sharps cannot be overstated. Medical staff…..

Vaku 8 Needles

Vaku 8 Needle tube is made from cold roll stainless steel. The needle tube is thin walled which allows a larger internal diameter resulting in improved flow rate. op cove……

Vaku 8 Blood Collection Tubes Tube

Blood collection is a pretty standard method for diagnosing conditions and monitoring diseases. Having said that, the process is not completely risk-free. Improper blood

Vaku 8 Winged

Vaku8 is one of HMDs top brands of Blood Collection Tube. When using it, blood is collected directly into the tube during the venipuncture procedure and is a closed sy…..

Cathy I.V Cannulas

HMDs Cathula I.V. Cannula has Wings that are made up of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with any medication. The injection port and the receiving end ……

Cathula + I.V Cannulas

Cathy + Neo is extremely easy to operate. It offers minimal trauma as the penetration force required is 30% lower than PTFE catheters. And minimal intimal irritation ther…..

Scalp Vein Set

Achieve better patient comfort and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with HMD’s scalp vein infusion sets. Scalp vein sets, also known as butterfly vein sets or winged infusion sets, are medical d….

Hypodermic Syringes

A hypodermic (meaning: beneath the skin) syringe is a type of syringe consisting of a hollow cylinder and hollow needle commonly used for injecting substances under the skin. They are also used for ….

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